Planning Your Degree

Understanding Your Catalog Year

To graduate, a student must fulfill the specific course and degree requirements of the catalog in effect at the time of his or her admission, or of any subsequent catalog in effect during his or her enrollment with the approval of the academic dean, provided that the required courses are still being offered. A student must complete all requirements within seven (7) years or be subject to the degree requirements of a subsequent catalog. The seven-year period begins with the year the catalog was issued, regardless of the student's first semester of enrollment. Students entering the University for the first time during a summer session are subject to the requirements of the catalog for the next fall term, or of a later catalog.

A student transferring from a Texas two-year institution can select a catalog that was in effect prior to the first semester of enrollment at UTEP, as long as the student was following UTEP’s degree plan while enrolled at the community college.

Degree Plan

Students are advised to obtain and follow their major’s degree plan when they first enroll at the University. Students are required to select a major and file a degree plan with the academic dean of that major by the time they complete 30 semester hours.

Change of Major

A student who wishes to change majors must obtain permission of the dean of the college of the new major.

Concentrations and Minors

Students interested in pursuing a concentration or minor in an area of study should refer to the college curriculum in the catalog or consult with their major advisor for further details.

Completion of Freshman-Level Courses

All freshman-level courses that are required by specific course number must be completed before the student has completed 90 hours toward the degree. No credit for these freshman-level courses will be granted toward fulfilling the minimum credit-hour requirements for the degree, even though the courses must be completed.

One-Hour Courses

No more than six (6) one-hour courses can be counted toward completion of the minimum total hours required for a degree (unless degree requirements specify otherwise), except with specific approval of the academic dean.

Major Examinations

At the discretion of the department concerned, a comprehensive examination can be required in the major subject under the following conditions:

  1. Four hours written, or three hours written and one hour oral.
  2. The department fixes the time and place, and supervises the examination.
  3. In case of failure, the student can take another examination on a date determined by the department.