Minor in Global Health

Public Health

Graduates in Public Health are health education specialists who are likely to pursue career paths as: health educators working for hospitals, non-profit organizations, government agencies, private business, and colleges and universities.

Marketable Skills

  • Communication: Reach mutual understanding through effective exchange of information, ideas, and feelings
  • Leadership: Step up, think, and act critically and creatively to bring others together to accomplish a common task
  • Problem-solving: Find solutions to difficult or complex issues
  • Research: Be able to search, investigate and critically analyze information in response to a specific research question
  • Social responsibility: Act ethically and responsibly for the benefit of society and the public good
  • Stress management: Be able to identify causes of stress, identify effective coping mechanisms, and take action to change the situation
  • Teamwork: Participate as an effective, efficient member of a group in order to meet a common goal

Additionally, students will learn:

  • Health behavior, use of effective mechanisms to help individuals make informed decisions about lifestyle modifications
  • Health education techniques

The purpose is to provide students a foundational knowledge to operate as global citizens and to equip them with a comprehensive understanding about the complexities and realities of global health. Through the proposed curriculum, students will be able to: 

  • synthesize knowledge of current global health issues; 
  • learn about best practices in global health;
  • develop strategies to improve health outcomes in low resource countries;
  • prepare for internationally focused careers in government agencies, non-governmental organization, immigrant health agencies, philanthropic foundations and international health organizations. 

Degree plan

Global Health Minor
Required Courses:
HSCI 3306Environmental Health3
HSCI 3311Introduction to Epidemiology *3
HSCI 3312Theories & Meth of Hlth Behav3
HSCI 3313Foundations of Global Health3
HSCI 3395Seminar in Global Health3
3 Credit hours elective, chosen from following list: 3
U.S.-Mex. Border Society/Cult
Envir. Just. & Min. Comm U.S.
Writing for PR & Corp Comm
Family Violence
Crim Just on US-Mexico Border
Violence in America
Health Info & Informat Systems
Fundamentals of Nutrition
Nutrition Thru the Life Cycle
Family Life & Human Sexuality
Ancient Cultures
International Relations
Advanced Social Problems
U.S.-Mex Border Society/Cult
Global Feminisms
Family Violence
Gender & Technology
Plagues, Pandemics, & Power
Women's Health
Total Hours18

*Some course prerequisites are not part of this degree plan but are required to complete this minor. Please see advisor for details.