Fast-Track Student Admission

The Fast-Track Program enables outstanding undergraduate UTEP students to receive both undergraduate and graduate credit for up to 15 hours of UTEP course work as determined by participating Master's and Doctoral programs.  Not all undergraduate programs have elected to participate in the Fast Track option, so students should see their departmental graduate advisor for information about requirements and guidelines.

Application Requirements

  1. This program is intended for UTEP students who are interested in transitioning from a bachelor's degree to a graduate degree.  A student who has previously earned a bachelor's degree may not apply to this program.
  2. To be considered for the Fast Track Program, students need to complete a Graduate School application.  Once the Graduate  Graduate School clears the application based on the recommendations of the intended graduate program, students will be assigned a fast track code until the bachelor's degree is conferred.  The student will be subsequently admitted as a new student in the graduate program.
  3. Students must have successfully completed at least 90 hours of undergraduate coursework toward their major with a minimum of 24 of those hours at UTEP.
  4. Students must have and maintain the same GPA requirement in the major as for the university honor's certificate, which is an undergraduate GPA of GPA equal or greater than 3.30.
  5. Participating graduate programs may have additional requirements including specific GRE scores and undergraduate coursework preparation.

Program Guidelines

  1. Each participating graduate academic program will determine which graduate-level courses will be included in the Fast Track.  The Graduate School will maintain an inventory of all approved courses.
  2. Students must be advised each semester at the departmental level by both the undergraduate and graduate advisors and cleared for registration in graduate courses by the Graduate School.
  3. Undergraduate students must earn a B or better in the graduate course for it to count as graduate credit.  If the grade is a C, it will not count toward the graduate degree but the credit hours will still count toward the undergraduate degree.  The earned grade will not be calculated in the undergraduate GPA and will show on the undergraduate transcript as a transfer.  These graduate course grades should not be used for determination of undergraduate honors or other academic awards at the Bachelor's level.
  4. When the student graduates with the Bachelor's degree, the graduate courses will be shown in the undergraduate transcript, and if a grade of C or better is attained, count toward the undergraduate degree.  The courses will also show on the graduate transcript as graduate courses, but in these cases will be calculated into the graduate GPA.
  5. Tuition will be based on the level of the course, not on the level of the student.  Financial aid may be adjusted.
  6. Exceptions to these guidelines will be handled through an appeal process established by the participating graduate program.