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The Master of Science in Statistics degree is available in both a thesis (recommended) and a non-thesis option. For students electing the thesis option, the program requires 24 hours of acceptable course work and 6 hours of credit for the thesis. For students not electing to write a thesis, 36 hours of acceptable coursework, including Statistics 5396, are required. Students must enroll in Statistics 5195 each semester of residence. Comprehensive written exams are required of all students. Students who write a thesis may have a portion of the comprehensive examination waived.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 31-37

MS in Statistics (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Required Courses:
MATH 4326Linear Algebra3
MATH 5321Principles of Analysis3
STAT 5195Graduate Seminar1
STAT 5380Mathematical Statistics I3
STAT 5381Mathematical Statistics II3
STAT 5385Statistics in Research3
STAT 5388Multivariate Data Analysis3
Select a thesis or non-thesis option:6-12
Thesis Option
STAT 5398MS Thesis3
STAT 5399MS Thesis3
Plus 6 more hours from Electives list below.
Non-Thesis Option
STAT 5396Graduate Research3
Plus 15 additional hours from Electives list below.15
STAT 5329Statistical Programming3
STAT 5335Applied Experimental Design3
STAT 5336Categorical Data Analysis3
STAT 5354Post-Genomic Analysis3
STAT 5370Special Topics3
STAT 5386Stochastic Processes3
STAT 5390Nonparametric Statistics3
STAT 5391Time Series Analysis3
STAT 5392Statistical Computing3
STAT 5428Intro to Statistical Analysis4
STAT 5474Introduction to Data Mining4
STAT 5494Statistical Data Mining4