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Prior to admission, students must have completed the Calculus sequence together with 12 semester hours of advanced courses in Mathematics (3300- or 4300-level). The student’s GPA for these 12 hours must be at least 3.0. (Students with a bachelor’s degree who do not satisfy these requirements must first enroll in the post-baccalaureate program at UTEP.) Since the degree is intended for current and future high school teachers of Mathematics, it is desirable that the student will have obtained a teaching certificate in Mathematics upon completion of the program. (Teaching certification courses are not part of the MAT program; students should consult the College of Education section for such information.)

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a major in Mathematics is available in both a thesis (recommended) and a non-thesis option. The thesis option requires 24 hours of coursework plus the completion of a six-semester-hour thesis in Mathematics Education, while the non-thesis option requires 36 hours of coursework. A maximum of nine (9) of these hours can be taken from the 3300- and 4300-level courses listed below. Each student must have his or her courses approved by the Graduate Advisor in order to ensure adequate breadth of courses in the Mathematical Sciences. Any student in the nonthesis option is expected to conduct research, and graduate with a research paper approved by the faculty with whom MATH 5396 is taken.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 30

MAT in Mathematics (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Math Requirement:
Select two courses from the following (or appropriate courses in the College of Education)6
MATM 5360Intro to Research in Math Ed3
MATM 5365Tech in the Math Classroom3
Thesis/Non-Thesis Option:
Select one sequence from the following:6-12
Thesis Option:
Non-Thesis Option:
Graduate Research
AND select three courses from the following:
Research Methods in Math Ed
Quant. Research in Math Ed
Mathematical Statistics I
Cult Hist Epistmlgy/Pedag Math
Or appropriate courses in the College of Education
Other Electives:
Select eighteen additional hours of graduate MATH, STAT, or appropriate courses in the College of Education: 118
Graduate Seminar
Elemnts of Applied Functl Anal
Applied Mathematics
Partial Differential Equations
Finite Element Methods I
Principles of Analysis
Principles of Algebra
Numerical Analysis
Comp Methods of Linear Algebra
Real Variables
Techniques in Optimization
General Topology
Numer Solution Part Diff Equat
Numerical Optimization
Interior-Point Methods for Lin
Complex Variables
Graduate Research
Topics in Applied Mathematics
Topics in Optimization
Intro to Research in Math Ed
Research Methods in Math Ed
Quant. Research in Math Ed
Tech in the Math Classroom
Graduate Seminar
Statistical Programming
Applied Experimental Design
Categorical Data Analysis
Post-Genomic Analysis
Special Topics
Mathematical Statistics I
Mathematical Statistics II
Statistics in Research
Stochastic Processes
Multivariate Data Analysis
Nonparametric Statistics
Time Series Analysis
Statistical Computing
Graduate Research
MS Thesis
MS Thesis
Intro to Statistical Analysis
Introduction to Data Mining
Statistical Data Mining
Total Hours36-42