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2.120 Biosciences Building

 The Department of Biological Sciences offers graduate degrees based on scholarly and research achievement that goes beyond what is available at the undergraduate level of instruction and mentorship. Students who are accepted into the degree programs are expected to enter with reasonable academic preparation in the sciences and supporting fields, and to undertake completion of the degree requirements with a personal and professional commitment and enthusiasm that matches that of their graduate faculty mentors.    

Doctoral Advisors


Dr. Elizabeth J. Walsh   

Biology 218; (915)747-5421  

Dr. Charles T. Spencer  

Bioscience 5.148; (915)747-8776

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology                 

Dr. Elizabeth J. Walsh   

Biology 218; (915)747-5421  

Masters Advisor                              

Dr. Jerry Johnson            

Biology 205; (915)747-6984  

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a Master of Science degree and a Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Biological Sciences Biosciences and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.


Master of Science

Doctor of Philosophy

Graduate Certificates

CHAIR: Dr. Bruce Cushing

Biological Sciences