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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Requirements for admission 

General requirements for admission are described in the Admissions section of the Graduate Catalog. Specific admission requirements for the Master’s Program in Electrical Engineering are described below.

  1. Undergraduate or graduate degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering or a related field from an ABET accredited institution in the United States, or proof of equivalent education from an international institution.
  2. Demonstration of academic achievement and potential as indicated by the results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and upper-level undergraduate and graduate coursework.  The GRE requirement is waived for students from UTEP.
  3. Three letters of recommendation and any other evidence of background, knowledge, research, or work experience in Electrical and Computer Engineering that may be available.
  4. A written statement of intent, describing his/her career goals and describing his/her vision of the path to those goals (including a summary of previous preparation and of his/her expectations from the graduate program).
  5. Submission of a CV/resume summarizing, professional and academic experience and any other evidence of background, knowledge, research, or work experience in Electrical or Computer Engineering that may be available.

Depending upon selected areas of concentration and academic background, students may need to complete leveraging undergraduate course work. Conditional admission may be offered to students who do not meet all of the specific criteria for admission but who show promise of success in graduate studies.

The Department will recommend to the Graduate School acceptance, conditional acceptance, or rejection of the application after all required documents have been received and reviewed by the Graduate School.

General Degree Requirements

Two options are available for students: Thesis and Non-Thesis (Project or Course Only). Master of Science students are normally admitted into the Non-Thesis Option, but can transfer to the Thesis Option if approved by the student's Thesis Advisor and Graduate Advisor. All students must take at least 21 hours in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering courses of which twelve credit hours must be in a concentration area. In addition, the degree plan can include at most, six (6) credit hours of approved senior-level undergraduate coursework, six (6) credit hours of approved coursework in areas outside the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and at most, three (3) credit hours of Individual Studies. Credits in graduate research cannot be used to satisfy course requirements for the Master degree.

Specific Requirements for Thesis Students

Students in  the  Thesis  Option   must   take   30   credit   hours,   that   include EE 5398 Thesis and EE 5399 Thesis. EE 5399 must be repeated until the thesis is defended and submitted to the Graduate School for approval. The thesis courses cannot be counted toward requirements in the Non­ Thesis Option.

Specific Requirements for Non-Thesis Students

Students  in the Non-Thesis  Project  Option must take a 33 credit  hours  approved  by the  Graduate Advisor,  which   include   EE 5396   Graduate   Projects   and,   if   approved   by   the    project instructor, EE 5397 Graduate Projects. A written report must be submitted to the supervising  project instructor. The project courses cannot be counted toward requirements in the Thesis Option.

Students  in  the  Non-Thesis   Course-Only   Option  must  take  36  credit  hours  of  course  work approved by the Graduate Advisor.

Degree Requirements Summary

Types of Credit Hours                         Thesis Option         Non-Thesis Option Project          Non-Thesis Option Course Only

Core                                                       12                                  12                                                  12

 Graduate ECE Electives*                          9                                  12                                                  18

Thesis                                                      6                                   0                                                    0 

Project                                                     0                                   3                                                    0 

Graduate Electives**                                 3                                    6                                                    6 

*At most, six (6) credit hours of approved senior-level undergraduate coursework, and, at most, three (3) credit hours of individual Studies can be included in the degree plan.

**At most six (6) hours of approved coursework in areas outside the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, depending on the option, can be included in the degree plan. ECE Department courses can be used to satisfy the Graduate Electives requirement.

All courses listed in the degree plan require a grade of C or better for successful completion. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 30-36

MS in Electrical Engineering
All courses listed within this degree area require a grade of C or better for successful completion. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for graduation.
Area of Concentration:
Select twelve credit hours of graduate EE courses in a concentration area. The list of concentrations and associated courses in available from the Graduate Advisor. 12
Major Electives:
Select nine hours of Graduate EE courses9
Thesis/Non-Thesis Option:
Select one of the options6-12
Other Electives:
Select three additional hours of graduate courses3
Total Hours30-36

Thesis Option

EE 5398Thesis3
EE 5399Thesis3

Non-Thesis Project Option

EE 5396Graduate Projects3
Select six additional hours of graduate courses with at least three being Graduate EE courses6

 Non-Thesis Project Option

Twelve additional graduate credit hours of graduate courses in EE12

Graduate EE Courses

EE 5118Laboratory for EE 53181
EE 5191Individual Studies1
EE 5192Clinical Rotations-Engineers1
EE 5194Graduate Research1
EE 5197Medical Device Practicum1
EE 5291Individual Studies2
EE 5294Graduate Research2
EE 5300Probability & Random Processes3
EE 5301Computational Methods for EE3
EE 5302Linear Systems Analysis3
EE 5306Antenna Theory3
EE 5311Semiconductor Device Physics3
EE 5312Advanced Optoelectronic Device3
EE 5313Modern Semiconductor Devices3
EE 5318Electronic Material Processing3
EE 5320Nanoelectronics3
EE 5321BME for Global Health3
EE 5323Adv Digital Communications3
EE 5324Statistical Detection/Estimate3
EE 5325Telemedicine & Imaging Informa3
EE 5326BME Dev Design & Regulation3
EE 5330Data Communications3
EE 5332Coding and Error Correction3
EE 5333Data Compression3
EE 5336Adv Fiber Optic Communications3
EE 5341Systems Engineering Fundamtls3
EE 5342Systems Engineering Mgmt3
EE 5343Requirements Engineering3
EE 5344Integratn, Verifictn, Validatn3
EE 5345Practicum in Elect & Comp Eng3
EE 5351Physiological Systms Measurmts3
EE 5352Med Diag & Theraptc Instrmtn3
EE 5353Biomed Signal & Image Process3
EE 5354Tomographic Imaging3
EE 5355Contmp Topics in Bioelectmgntm3
EE 5357Biomechatronics3
EE 5360Computer Vision3
EE 5366Fuzzy Logic & Engineering3
EE 5369CMOS Digital Circuit Design3
EE 5370Operating Systems3
EE 5371Digital Signal Processing3
EE 5372Image Processing3
EE 5374Advanced Digital Syst Design I3
EE 5375ASIC Design and Test3
EE 5376Computer Architecture I3
EE 5377Computer Architecture II3
EE 5378Advanced VLSI Design3
EE 5379Network Protocols3
EE 5380Energy Sustainability3
EE 5383Smart Grid Fundamentals3
EE 5384Control of Electric Power3
EE 5386High Frequency Power Converter3
EE 5388Power System Operations3
EE 5389Radar Signal Processing3
EE 5390Special Topics Electrical Engr3
EE 5391Individual Studies3
EE 5392Research Methods3
EE 5394Graduate Research3
EE 5396Graduate Projects3
EE 5397Graduate Projects3
EE 5494Graduate Research4
EE 5594Graduate Research5
EE 5694Graduate Research6
EE 6192Clinical Rotations-Engineers1
EE 6193Doctoral Clinical Research1
EE 6194Graduate Research1
EE 6195Doctoral Seminar1
EE 6197Medical Device Practicum1
EE 6294Graduate Research2
EE 6311Semiconductor Device Physics3
EE 6313Modern Semiconductor Devices3
EE 6321BME for Global Health3
EE 6325Telemedicine & Imaging Informa3
EE 6326BME Dev Design & Regulation3
EE 6351Physiological Sys & Meas3
EE 6352Medical Diag & Therap Devices3
EE 6357Biomechatronics3
EE 6390Special Topics3
EE 6391Individual Studies3
EE 6392Research Methods3
EE 6394Graduate Research3
EE 6398Dissertation3
EE 6399Dissertation3
EE 6494Graduate Research4
EE 6594Graduate Research5
EE 6694Graduate Research6