M.Ed. - Educational Diagnostician

This program is intended for graduate students who possess a Texas Provisional Teaching Certificate and are interested in working with the Special Education system in the public schools. The applicant should confer with the Graduate Advisor to determine additional requirements for State Board of Educator Certification as a Professional Educational Diagnostician.

The above required application materials will be evaluated to determine if the applicant’s knowledge, experience, skills, and aptitude are appropriate for the educational degree sought. Students will receive a letter notification of their acceptance or non-acceptance into the program.

The applicant must have two (2) years of teaching experience in an accredited public, private, or parochial school approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) prior to applying to this program. Students who participate in internships with agencies or school districts requiring background checks must successfully pass the background check to complete this requirement. Additionally, a background check is required to be certified as a school diagnostician in the state of Texas.


Final Requirements: Students must pass the UTEP qualifying exam for educational diagnostician prior to taking EDPC 5375-Internship course. Students will present an oral presentation of their student
portfolio to the faculty and achieve a passing score on the TExES for certification of Educational Diagnostician prior to graduation.

Certification: TExES exam (Texas Examination of Educator Standards)

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 36

Education Diagnostician Program
Required courses:
EDPC 5310Applied Research Design for Ed3
EDPC 5334Classroom Based Appraisal3
EDPC 5336Advanced Educational Appraisal3
EDPC 5344Use/Interpret of Cog. Measures3
EDPC 5348Assess/Instruction for Student3
EDPC 5375Internsip for Ed. Diagnostics3
SPED 5320Spec Ed-Historical Legal Basis3
SPED 5330Early Inter Young Child/Family3
SPED 5337Assessment: Disability3
SPED 5345Interv Stud w/High Incid Disab3
SPED 5347Wrkng/Parents Lrnrs Sp. Needs3
SPED 5371Teach Student/Low Incident Dis3
Total Hours36