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Teacher Education

The department of Teacher Education offers graduate programs that provide advanced professional education knowledge and skills for application in school and non-school settings. Students who wish to pursue master’s degrees in Teacher Education can select from two programs: the Master of Arts in Education and the Master of Education. The Master of Arts is designed for students wishing to pursue research and/or continue studies beyond the master's degree level. The Master of Education degree is directed toward mastery of professional education practice. Students pursuing the Master of Education can major in Curriculum and Instruction or Reading Education. The department also offers a doctoral program of study, the PhD in Teaching, Learning, and Culture.

Admission Requirements

Before admission to the Teacher Education Graduate Program, applicants must comply with the General Admission Requirements section of this Graduate Catalog. Applicants whose bachelor degree is in a field other than Education will be assigned educational practicum and/or undergraduate coursework to serve as leveling experiences in preparation for the master’s level educational programs. These leveling experiences will be assigned by the department advisors. Letters of recommendation must be provided.

Additional information:

  • No more than six (6) semester hours of graduate work (with a grade of B or better required) can be transferred from another institution.
  • Courses taken prior to formal admission into a graduate program cannot be counted toward a graduate degree without the specific recommendation of the departmental committee on graduate studies and approval of the Graduate School.
  • Applicants might also be invited to an interview.

For more information about admission, please visit the department’s Graduate Program website at and read the College of Education and Graduate School sections of the Graduate Catalog.

Program Advising

  • Students are advised to view the information on the department website at or contact the department for more specific information regarding admission, advising, degree options and requirements, and comprehensive exams.
  • Students will be assigned a graduate faculty advisor at the time of admission to the program.
  • Students should maintain a continuing advising relationship with the faculty advisor, which includes preparing and updating their degree plan, making course selections, and requesting a comprehensive examination or thesis defense.


Dr. Maria De La Piedra


Timothy Cashman
Contact Information: tcashman@utep.edu; 915-747-7713
Education: BA, University of Northern Iowa; MA, University of New Mexico; Ph D, Washington State University
Research Interests: Issues-centered social studies, comparative case studies in education, transnational education, border pedagogy, critical curriculum studies, and social reconstructionist education.

Elena Izquierdo
Contact Information: ielena@utep.edu; 915-747-7595
Education: MA, University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, Georgetown University
Research Interests: Biliteracy, Dual Language Education, Leadership in Dual Language Education, Bilingual Education, ELL, ESL, English Language Learners and School Reform, Second Language Acquisition, ELPS, Sheltered Instruction

William Robertson
Contact Information: robertson@utep.edu; 915-747-6426
Education: BA, Duke University; BS, Northern Arizona University; MA, University of Colorado; Ph D, University of New Mexico; BA, The University of Texas at El Paso
Research Interests: Science education, curriculum development, technology integration, problem-based learning, project-based learning, active learning and action science in the K-16 levels.

Mourat Tchoshanov
Contact Information: mouratt@utep.edu; 915-747-7668
Education: Specialist Degree, Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute; Candidate of Sciences Degree, Kazan State Pedagogical Institute; Ph D, Kazan State Pedagogical University
Research Interests: Cognition and representation in mathematics learning, teacher knowledge and student achievement, engineering of learning, engineering of teacher learning, and cross-national studies in mathematics education.

Josefina Tinajero
Contact Information: tinajero@utep.edu; 915-747-5552
Education: BS, The University of Texas at El Paso; Certificate, The University of Texas at El Paso; M.Ed, The University of Texas at El Paso; EDD, Texas A&M University, Kingsville; Certificate, Our Lady of the Lake University
Research Interests: Models and best practices for English Language Learners; dual language education for all children; biliteracy; bilingualism; parental engagement.

Ron Wagler
Contact Information: rrwagler2@utep.edu; 915-747-5022
Education: AAS, Illinois Central College; BS, Southern Illinois University; MS, Oklahoma State University; Ph D, Oklahoma State University

Maria Teresa de la Piedra
Contact Information: mdelapiedra@utep.edu; 915-747-5527
Education: BA, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú; MA, University of Texas at Austin; Ph D, University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: Literacy Practices in and out of schools, Billiteracy, Dual Language Education, Anthropology and Education, Transfronterizxs and Education, Border Pedagogy, Sociocultural Contexts of Education, Schooling in Indigenous Quechua communities, ethnography, STEM and Engineering Education in Dual Language settings.

Associate Professor

Song An
Contact Information: saan@utep.edu; 915-747-7616
Education: BA, Nanjing Arts Institute; Ph D, Texas A&M University
Research Interests: Mathematics Education, Interdisciplinary Curriculum, Innovative Instruction, Parents Involvement, Textbook Analysis, Educational Technology, Attitude & Motivation, Mathematics Achievement, Teachers' Knowledge.

Sandra Butvilofsky
Contact Information: sbutvilofsky@utep.edu;
Education: MA, University of Colorado Boulder; Ph D, University of Colorado Boulder

David Carrejo
Contact Information: dcarrejo@utep.edu; 915-747-5856
Education: BS, The University of Texas at El Paso; Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, The University of Texas at Austin
Research Interests: models and modeling in math and science education; algebraic reasoning and foundations of analytic geometry; mathematics teacher preparation; history of mathematics in mathematics education; STEM Education

Christina Convertino
Contact Information: cconvertino@utep.edu; 915-747-7675
Education: BA, University of Vermont; MA, University of Arizona; Post-Bac Teaching Certification, University of Arizona; Ph D, University of Arizona

Alberto Esquinca
Contact Information: aesquinca@sdsu.edu; 915-747-6426
Education: BA, University of Texas at El Paso; MA, University of Texas at El Paso; MA, University of Southern California; Ph D, University of Southern California

Alyse C. Hachey
Contact Information: ahachey@utep.edu; 915-747-7677
Education: BS, Eastern Michigan University; MA, University of Michigan; MA, Teachers College Columbia University; Ph D, Teachers College Columbia University; M.Ed, Teachers College Columbia University
Research Interests: Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood STEM Education, Post-secondary online learning

Didier Hernandez
Contact Information: dhbizouarn@utep.edu; 915-747-5973
Education: BA, Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua; MA, University of Texas at El Paso
Research Interests: UX Architecture, Data Visualization, Instructional Design, Higher Education Administration, Instructional Technology, Business Intelligence.

Pei-Ling Hsu
Contact Information: phsu3@utep.edu; 915-747-6446
Education: BS, National Taiwan Normal University; MS, National Taiwan Normal University; Ph D, University of Victoria
Research Interests: Science Discourse, Youth Empowerment, Internship Education, Dialogic Pedagogy, Youth College and Career Readiness

So Jung Kim
Contact Information: skim7@utep.edu; 915-747-6221
Education: BA, Sungshin Women's University; MA, Yonsei University; MS, Illinois State University; Ph D, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research Interests: Multicultural education in young children's classrooms, children's literature, social and cultural influences on young children's language and literacy development, and early critical literacy practices.

Olga Kosheleva
Contact Information: olgak@utep.edu; 915-747-7588
Education: MS, Novosibirsk State University; POSTD, Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Science; MS, University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, University of Texas at El Paso
Research Interests: Curriculum Development with focus on STEM integration, Mathematics in Teacher Preparation, Education for the 21st Century Demographic, and Applied Mathematics.

William Medina-Jerez
Contact Information: wjmedinajerez@utep.edu; 915-747-8608
Education: BS, Universidad de Pamplona; MS, University of Iowa; Ph D, University of Iowa
Research Interests: Border crossing pedagogy in science education, Science education in Latin America, Science education for English Learners, and Art and Science Education.

Erika Mein
Contact Information: elmein2@utep.edu; 915-747-6378
Education: BA, University of Virginia; Ph D, University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: Academic reading and writing in secondary/post-secondary settings; second language writing; teacher development; asset-based approaches to teaching and learning; literacy and community-based education in international contexts

Katherine Mortimer
Contact Information: ksmortimer@utep.edu; 915-747-5966
Education: BA, Cornell University; MA, School for International Training; Ph D, University of Pennsylvania
Research Interests: Dual language education, language policy, biliteracy, translanguaging, language and identity, linguistic anthropology of education, ethnographic methods and discourse analysis

Reynaldo Reyes
Contact Information: rreyes9@utep.edu; 915-747-8817
Education: BA, Texas Tech University; MA, The University of New Mexico; Ph D, University of Colorado; TL
Research Interests: role(s) of sociocultural context on identity, language and literacy education of English learners, migrant education, adolescent marginalized student experience, teacher education and identity

César Rossatto
Contact Information: crossatto@utep.edu; 915-747-5253
Education: Certificate, College of Philosophy, Science, and Liberal Arts; BA, College of Philosophy, Science, and Liberal Arts; Diploma, College of Philosophy, Science, and Liberal Arts; MA, California State University, Los Angeles; Ph D, University of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: U.S. and Mexican border within the context of Globalization and Neo-Liberalism; <br>Critical analysis of race; social relations and Latinos' identity formation and struggles in the U.S. and its implications to schooling; Fatalism and optimism in contrast with social classes' differences and the application of critical pedagogy in the classroom (schools in Los Angeles, Miami, and El Paso); The effects of whiteness and other systems of privilege in Brazil, United States, South Africa, India, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica; Pop-culture and education.

Milagros Seda
Contact Information: mseda@utep.edu; 915-747-7670
Education: B.Ed., University of Hawaii; M.Ed, University of Texas at El Paso; EDD, University of Houston
Research Interests: bilingual education, second language acquisition, scholarly writing

Daniel Tillman
Contact Information: datillman@utep.edu; 915-747-0153
Education: BA, Virginia Tech; MA, Virginia Tech; Ph D, University of Virginia
Research Interests: interdisciplinary STEM education, digital multimedia production, rapid-prototyping design tools, computer-assisted adaptive assessment

Charlotte Ullman
Contact Information: cullman@utep.edu; 915-747-7646
Education: BA, University of Wisconsin; MA, Northeastern Illinois University; Ph D, University of Arizona
Research Interests: Educational Anthropology, Identities and Ideologies in Education, Globalization and Education, Language Use and Language Learning, Multicultural Teacher Education, Queer Issues in Education.

Assistant Professor

Amy Bach
Contact Information: ajbach@utep.edu; 915-747-5791
Education: BA, University of Wisconsin-Madison; MA, Teachers College, Columbia University; EDD, University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education
Research Interests: Dr. Bach uses anthropological methods to study the social and institutional contexts in which literacy is practiced and how these practices differ in value, method, and purpose across different sites and contexts. Some of Dr. Bach's most recent research has focused on the way state and federal accountability measures have shaped literacy instruction in public schools, as well as community resistance to market-based school reform policies.

Sarah Jean Johnson
Contact Information: sjjohnson2@utep.edu; 915-747-5965
Education: BFA, University of Oklahoma; MS, Fordham University; Ph D, University of California, Los Angeles
Research Interests: emergent literacies, immigrant children, teacher development, peer interaction, art education, qualitative methods, multimodal interaction analysis

Justice Walker
Contact Information: jtwalker@utep.edu; 915-747-5949
Education: BS, University of Miami; MS, University of Pennsylvania; Ph D, University of Pennsylvania

Teacher Education

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