260 Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA in Accounting

The Department of Accounting at The University of Texas at El Paso shares with the University its fundamental mission to provide the highest quality education to citizens of El Paso and the West Texas region. The Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting (BBA-Accounting) is designed as an in-depth study of the basic topics of accounting and intends to provide students the knowledge and skills necessary for entry into accounting positions in public, private, and governmental or other not-for-profit organizations, as well as the educational background necessary for entry into a graduate program. The BBA-Accounting concentration and the Master of Accountancy degrees are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). The BBA-Accounting concentration does not provide the total number of hours of coursework necessary to academically qualify a candidate for the Uniform CPA Examination in the State of Texas.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The College of Business Administration, with departments of Accounting and Information Systems, Economics and Finance, and Marketing and Management, offers a BBA degree with the following majors: Accounting; Information Systems; International Business; Economics; Finance with concentrations available in General Finance, Financial Analyst, Risk Management, and Commercial Banking; General Business with concentrations in General Business and Secondary Education; Management with concentrations available in Entrepreneurship, General Management and Human Resource Management; Marketing; and Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Policies Concerning Admission to and Completion of BBA Degree Programs

  1. Students entering the College of Business Administration will be designated as (CBUS) until they have sufficient competency in English and Mathematics (completed RWS 1301 or higher and MATH 1320 or higher).
  2. Students meeting the College admissions requirements will be designated as General Business (GENB) and must file a degree plan in the Office of the Dean.
  3. Admission to another major option program is limited to those students who meet the following requirements:
    • Completion of the Non-Business Foundation Requirements and the Business Foundation Requirements as described in the Undergraduate Course of Study for the Bachelor of Business Administration.
    • Completion of the following courses (or their equivalent) with a minimum grade of C:
      ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting I3
      ACCT 2302Principles of Accounting II3
      ECON 2303Principles of Economics (C)3
      ECON 2304Principles of Economics (C)3
      MATH 2301Math for Social Sciences II3
      QMB 2301Fundamentals of Bus Statistics3
    • An overall GPA of 2.0 or greater in all hours attempted.
  4. Upon completion of requirements in item 2, the student will be admitted to one of the specialty major option programs offered by the College of Business Administration. Upon admission, the major code will be changed from General Business (GENB) to the major option code for the program.
  5. Concurrent enrollment in lower-division courses in item 3-b and upper-division business courses is allowed only once upon written permission of the Office of the Dean.
  6. Freshman and sophomore level courses can be repeated once and the latter grade substituted for a previous grade in the student's grade point average (GPA) calculation. Grades and attempted hours for other repeated courses will be used in computing the GPA.
  7. Only those transfer credits with a grade of C or better will be accepted for credit toward the BBA degree. Courses taken at two-year institutions or as a requirement for a two-year degree are accepted by the College of Business Administration as transfer credits for lower-division courses only. Courses taken at four-year accredited institutions and designated as lower-division courses can be accepted as upper-division credits if the course is taught at the upper-division level at UTEP and has received additional validation from the Office of the Dean. Transfer credit for upper-division business administration courses is restricted to AACSB-accredited curricula. Transfer credit for courses from institutions outside the United States will be evaluated independently. The applicability of transfer credits to the degree plan is determined by the Office of the Dean.
  8. To complete the degree, a student must comply with the following:
    • Complete the required course of study as outlined below.
    • Follow University academic regulations as stated elsewhere in this catalog.
    • Earn a 2.0 GPA in all courses attempted within the College of Business Administration.
      Note: Accounting majors must also earn a 2.0 or better GPA average in ACCT 3321 and accounting courses listed in the Accounting Option Requirement.
  9. A graduating senior must file an application for the degree with the Office of the Dean before the semester of graduation. Students are responsible for setting an appointment to clear for graduation during announced times.
  10. Students working toward the BBA degree cannot enroll on a pass/fail basis in any course taught in the College of Business Administration.
  11. Six of the last 30 hours needed to complete the BBA degree can be taken at another university; however, the student must receive written approval from the Office of the Dean before enrolling at the other institution.
  12. MGMT 4300 Strategic Management, may be taken only during the semester or summer term in which the degree is to be conferred. Approval of the undergraduate advisor is required for enrollment in this course.
  13. Non-BBA students wishing to take upper-division business courses must be advised in the College of Business Administration, Room 104. Students wishing to take upper-division courses must have junior standing (60 credit hours) and a 2.0 cumulative GPA and must have completed the stated prerequisites for the course.
  14. Students must complete 50 percent or more of their College of Business Administration credit hours at UTEP.
  15. Students can pursue more than one major option by completing all requirements, including Major Option Requirements, for all major options selected.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 120

Business Designated Core (All courses require a C or better.)
Complete the Business Designated Core requirements.
University Core Curriculum
Complete the University Core Curriculum requirements.42
Business Foundation (All courses require a C or better.)
Required Courses:
ACCT 2301Principles of Accounting I3
ACCT 2302Principles of Accounting II3
ECON 2303Principles of Economics (C)3
ECON 2304Principles of Economics (C)3
QMB 2301Fundamentals of Bus Statistics3
Math Elective:
Select one of the following:3-4
Calculus I
Calculus I - Part A
Calculus I - Part B
Calculus I - Part C
Math for Social Sciences II
Business Core-ACCT
Required Courses:
BLAW 3301Legal Environment of Business3
BUSN 3304Global Business Environment3
CIS 3345Management Information Systems3
FIN 3310Business Finance3
MGMT 3303Intro-Mgmt/Organizational Beha3
MGMT 4300Strategic Management3
MKT 3300Principles of Marketing3
OSCM 3321Production/Operations Mgmt3
QMB 3301Quantitative Methods in Bus3
ACCT 3321Intermediate Accounting I C3
ECON 3310Managerial Economics3
or ECON 3320 Money and Banking
Accounting Major
Required Courses:
ACCT 3319Software Applications for ACCT3
ACCT 3320Accounting Systems3
ACCT 3322Intermediate Accounting II3
ACCT 3323Cost Accounting3
ACCT 3327Fed Income Tax - Individuals3
ACCT 4304Auditing Principles/Procedures3
Select one of the following:3
Acctng for Hospitality/Tourism
Independent Study in Acct
Current Concepts in Accounting
International Business Law
Business Law
Bus Systems Analysis & Design
Expert Sys & Decision Sup Sys
Database Management
Business Data Communications
Fin Anal of Firm & Valuation
Intro to Human Resource Mgmt
Upper Division Business:
Select three hours of upper division business courses3
Total Hours117-118

Course requires a C or better.

Upper Division Business Courses
ACCT 3309Survey of Acct Principles3
ACCT 3314Management Accounting3
ACCT 3321Intermediate Accounting I3
ACCT 4320Acctng for Hospitality/Tourism3
ACCT 4396Internship3
ACCT 4398Independent Study in Acct3
ACCT 4399Current Concepts in Accounting3
BLAW 3301Legal Environment of Business3
BLAW 4325International Business Law3
BLAW 4391Business Law3
BUSN 3304Global Business Environment3
BUSN 4394Spec Top in Intnat'l Business3
CIS 3301Intro to Business Applic Prog3
CIS 3325Adv Microcomp Bus Applications3
CIS 3340Org Impact-Information Tech3
CIS 3345Management Information Systems3
CIS 3350Bus Systems Analysis & Design3
CIS 3355Data Structures/Business Prog.3
CIS 3380Programming with Visual Basic3
CIS 3385Advanced Business Applic Prog3
CIS 4305Adv Bus Systems Development3
CIS 4320Object Oriented Prog Environmt3
CIS 4326Hospitality Technology & Appl3
CIS 4330Expert Sys & Decision Sup Sys3
CIS 4365Database Management3
CIS 4368Advanced Database Management3
CIS 4370Business Data Communications3
CIS 4375Intro to Electronic Commerce3
CIS 4385Intro to Info Security Sys3
CIS 4396Internship in CIS3
CIS 4398Independent Study (CIS)3
CIS 4399Current Topics3
ECON 3302Intermed Macroeconomic Theory3
ECON 3303Intermed Microeconomic Theory3
ECON 3310Managerial Economics3
ECON 3320Money and Banking3
ECON 3325Public Choice3
ECON 3334Regional Economics3
ECON 3335Urban Economics3
ECON 3351Industrial Organ & Govern Pol3
ECON 3366Economics of Latin America3
ECON 3367Economic Development3
ECON 3372Mathematical Economics3
ECON 3373Introduction to Econometrics3
ECON 3380History of Economic Thought3
ECON 4312Current Issues in Banking3
ECON 4325International Economics3
ECON 4330Public Sector Economics3
ECON 4335Economics & Law3
ECON 4340Economics of Labor3
ECON 4368Economy of Mexico3
ECON 4398Independent Study in Economics3
ECON 4399Current Topics in Econ3
FIN 3310Business Finance3
FIN 3315Investments3
FIN 3317Principles of Insurance3
FIN 3321Real Estate Finance & Investmt3
FIN 3325Money & Capital Markets3
FIN 3330Finance for Entrepreneurs3
FIN 3350Personal Financial Planning3
FIN 4310Managerial Finance3
FIN 4311Commercial Bank Management3
FIN 4312Current Issues in Banking3
FIN 4315Portfolio Analysis3
FIN 4316Analysis of Derivatives3
FIN 4318Fin Anal of Firm & Valuation3
FIN 4324Finance fr Hospitality/Tourism3
FIN 4325International Finance3
FIN 4328Central Banking3
FIN 4396Internship in Finance3
FIN 4398Independent Study In Finance3
FIN 4399Current Topics in Finance3
MGMT 3303Intro-Mgmt/Organizational Beha3
MGMT 3304Organization Development3
MGMT 3306Entrepreneurship3
MGMT 3307Intro to Hospitality/Tourism3
MGMT 3310Creativity and Innovation3
MGMT 3311Intro to Human Resource Mgmt3
MGMT 3315Employee and Labor Relations3
MGMT 3320Small Business Management3
MGMT 4300Strategic Management3
MGMT 4304Human Resource Training/Develp3
MGMT 4306Franchising3
MGMT 4310Employment Law/Dispute Resolut3
MGMT 4315Human Resource Staffing/Plan3
MGMT 4320Corporate Entrepreneurship3
MGMT 4325International Management3
MGMT 4337Compensation/Employee Benefits3
MGMT 4338Hospitality/Tourism Law3
MGMT 4339Humn Resrc Hospitality/Tourism3
MGMT 4395Intrnship/ Hospitality/Tourism3
MGMT 4396Internship in Management3
MGMT 4398Independent Study in Managemen3
MGMT 4399Current Topics in Management3
MKT 3300Principles of Marketing3
MKT 3302Consumer Behavior3
MKT 3320Advertising & Sales Promotion3
MKT 4301Marketing Research3
MKT 4304Electronic Marketing3
MKT 4305Selling and Sales Management3
MKT 4307Multi-Cultural Marketing3
MKT 4308Real Estate Principles3
MKT 4310Principles of Retailing3
MKT 4320Hospitality/Tourism Marketing3
MKT 4325International Marketing3
MKT 4340Special Events Marketing Mgmt3
MKT 4391Services Marketing3
MKT 4395Strategic Marketing Managment3
MKT 4396Marketing Internship3
MKT 4398Independent Study In Marketing3
MKT 4399Current Topics In Marketing3
OSCM 3321Production/Operations Mgmt3
OSCM 3322Adv Production/Operations Mgmt3
OSCM 3331Service Operations Management3
OSCM 3333Production Planning & Control3
OSCM 3335Project Management3
OSCM 3336Inventory Management3
OSCM 3337Logistics Management3
OSCM 3339Quality Planning and Control3
OSCM 3390Internship-Prod/Oper Mgmt3
OSCM 4315Purchasing & Supply Management3
OSCM 4371Trans & Warehsing Systems3
OSCM 4375Oper Mdl for Supply Chain Mgmt3
OSCM 4398Independent Study in POM3
QMB 3301Quantitative Methods in Bus3

Business Designated Core

Although the UTEP choice is larger, these choices satisfy the requirements of both the core and the major.

All courses listed within this degree require a grade of C or better for successful completion.

Select one of the following:3-5
Math for Social Sciences I (C)
Calculus I
Calculus I - Part A
Calculus I - Part B
Calculus I - Part C
Precalculus (C)
Pre-calculus - Part A
Pre-calculus - Part B
Pre-calculus - Part C
The following additional courses are also recommended:
Business/Profession Comm (C)
Math for Social Sciences I (C)
Ethics (C)

University Core Curriculum

NOTE: The department may make specific suggestions for courses which are most applicable towards your major.

Psychology and Criminal Justice majors and minors are required to take MATH 1320 Math for Social Sciences I (C) or a higher level Calculus course.

Business majors are required to take MATH 1320 Math for Social Sciences I (C) or a higher level Calculus course.

NOTE: All courses require a C or better


Select six hours of the following: (Note: ESL students should take ESOL 1300 & ESOL 13126
Written and Oral Communication
Rhetoric & Composition I
Rhetoric & Composition 2
Rhetoric, Composition & Comm
Expos Engl Compos-Spkr Esl (C) 1
Res & Crit Writng Spkr Esl (C) 1
Total Hours6

American History

Required Courses:
HIST 1301History of U.S. to 1865 (C)3
HIST 1302History of U.S. Since 1865 (C)3
Total Hours6

Language, Philosophy & Culture 

Select one of the following:3
English Literature (C)
English Literature (C)
Intro to American Fiction (C)
Intro to American Drama (C)
Intro to American Poetry (C)
Making of the "Other" Americas
World History to 1500 (C)
World History Since 1500 (C)
Introduction to Philosophy (C)
Ethics (C)
Introduct to Religious Studies
Seeing & Naming: Conversations
Introduction to Womens Studies
Global Feminisms
Total Hours3


Select one of the following:3
Math in the Modern World (C)
Math for Social Sciences I (C)
Calculus I
Calculus I - Part A
Calculus I - Part B
Calculus I - Part C
Precalculus (C)
Pre-calculus - Part A
Pre-calculus - Part B
Pre-calculus - Part C
Math for Social Sciences II
Differential Equations
Descriptive & Inferential Stat
Elementary Statistical Methods
Total Hours3

Life & Physical Sciences - Lab 

Select one of the following:1-4
Astronomy Lab I (C)
Introductory Biology Lab (C)
Human Biology Laboratory (C)
Topics in Study of Life I
Organismal Biology Laboratory
Human Anat/Physio Lab I (C)
Human Anat/Physio Lab II (C)
Laboratory for CHEM 1305
Laboratory for CHEM 1306
Introductory Chemistry (C)
Introductory Chemistry (C)
Environmental Sci. Lab (C)
Non-major Lab for ESCI 1301
Laboratory for GEOG 1306 (C)
Lab for GEOL 1314 (C)
Lab for GEOL 1313 (C)
Principles of Earth Sci - Lab
Laboratory for Geology 1212
General Physics I (C)
General Physics II (C)
Introductory Mechanics
Introductory Electromagnetism
Total Hours1-4

Life and Physical Sciences 

A minimum of two semesters of lecture and one semester of laboratory associated with one of the courses, or two semesters of combined (3 credit) lecture-laboratory courses (Only six hours apply toward the required 42.) 

Select six hours of the following: 16
Astronomy Lab I (C)
Elem Astronomy-Solar System(C)
Elem Astr Stars & Galaxies (C)
Introductory Biology Lab (C)
Human Biology Laboratory (C)
Topics in Study of Life I
Organismal Biology Laboratory
Introductory Biology
Human Biology (C)
General Biology
Organismal Biology
Human Anat/Physio Lab I (C)
Human Anat/Physio Lab II (C)
Human Anat/Physiology I (C)
Human Anat/Physiology II (C)
Laboratory for CHEM 1305
Laboratory for CHEM 1306
General Chemistry
General Chemistry (C)
Introductory Chemistry (C)
Introductory Chemistry (C)
Environmental Sci. Lab (C)
Non-major Lab for ESCI 1301
Intro to Environmental Sci (C)
Laboratory for GEOG 1306 (C)
Physical Geography (C)
Lab for GEOL 1313 (C)
Lab for GEOL 1314 (C)
Principles of Earth Sci - Lab
Laboratory for Geology 1212
Principles of Earth Sciences
Principles of Earth Science
The Blue Planet
Natural Hazards
Intro to Physical Geology (C)
Intro to Historical Geol (C)
Fundamentals of Nutrition
Wellness Dynamics
Microorganisms and Disease
General Physics I (C)
General Physics II (C)
Laboratory for PHYS 2320
Laboratory for PHYS 2321
Introductory Mechanics
Introductory Electromagnetism
Total Hours6

Based on the major selected, options listed might not be applicable; please refer to the prerequisite area at top if one is present.

Political Science 

Required Courses:
POLS 2310Introduction to Politics (C)3
POLS 2311American Gover & Politics (C)3
Total Hours6

Social and Behavioral Sciences 

Select one of the following:3
Intro-Phys Anth/Archeolog (C)
Intro-Cultural Anthropology(C)
Cultural Geography
Intro to Linguistics (C)
Econ for Engrs & Scientists
Interpersonal Communication
Mass Media and Society
Principles of Economics (C)
Principles of Economics (C)
Introduction to Ed Psychology
Action Research in Classrooms
Introduction to Linguistics(C)
Cultural Geography (C)
An Intro. to Linguistics (C)
Lang. Inside & Out: Sel Topics
Introduction to Psychology (C)
Introduction to Sociology (C)
Cultural Geography
Total Hours3

 Creative Arts

Select one of the following:3
Art Appreciation (C)
History of Art I (C)
History of Art II (C)
Dance Appreciation (C)
Intro-Art of Motion Pict. (C)
Intro to Music History
Music Appreciation (C)
Jazz to Rock (C)
Introduction to Theatre (C)
Total Hours3

Component Area Option

Select two of the following:6
Intro to Global Business
Public Speaking (C)
Business/Profession Comm (C)
Intro-Computational Thinking
Computer Programming Sci/Engr
Inquiry in Math & Science
Seminar/Critical Inquiry (C)
Total Hours6


Kallol Bagchi
Contact Information: kbagchi@utep.edu; 915-747-5376
Education: BS, Calcutta University; MS, Calcutta University; Post Graduate Diploma, Jadavpur University; Ph D, Jadavpur University; Ph D, Florida Atlantic University

Peeter Kirs
Contact Information: pkirs@utep.edu; 915-747-7733
Education: BS, State University of New York at Buffalo; BA, State University of New York at Buffalo; MA, Seton Hall University; MBA, State University of New York at Buffalo; Ph D, State University of New York at Buffalo

Mourice Mahmood
Contact Information: mmahmood@utep.edu; 915-747-7754
Education: BS, University of California/Dacca University; MBA, California State University; Ph D, Texas Tech University

Waymond Rodgers
Contact Information: wrodgers@utep.edu; 915-747-7732
Education: Ph D, University of Southern California; Postdoctorate, University of Michigan

Godwin Udo
Contact Information: gudo@utep.edu; 915-747-7780
Education: HND, Institute of Mgt. & Tech- Enugu, Nigeris,1980; BSc/MEd: Bahelor of Science / Master of Educcation, University of Missouri-Columbia; MS, University of Missouri-Columbia; Ph D, Clemson University-Clemson
Research Interests: Management of Information Technology, Technology Transfer, Applications of Information Technology Production and Operations Management problems, Strategic Use of Emerging IT such as Data Visualization, Electronic Commerce, E-Business, and Data warehousing

Associate Professors

Richard Francis
Contact Information: rnfrancis@utep.edu; 915-747-7953
Education: BBA, The University of Oklahoma; MBA, University of Oklahoma; Ph D, University of Oklahoma
Research Interests: Financial accounting issues such as cash flow prediction, impact of leasing on financial statements, relevance of regulatory filings for financial markets, and methodological issues for archival research.

Leo Gemoets
Contact Information: lgemoets@utep.edu; 915-747-7763
Education: BS, The University of Texas at El Paso; MS, The University of Texas at El Paso; D.Sc., Saint Lucia Health Sciences University

Terry Ann Glandon
Contact Information: tglandon@utep.edu; 915-747-8681
Education: BA, Western Washington University; MBA, Eastern New Mexico University; Ph D, University of Texas at Arlington

Giorgio Gotti
Contact Information: ggotti@utep.edu; 915-747-7762
Education: Ph D, The University of Tennessee
Research Interests: International Accounting, Financial Accounting

Laura Trevino
Contact Information: lhall@utep.edu; 915-747-7743
Education: BS, University of Southern Mississippi; MBA, University of Southern Mississippi; Ph D, Florida State University
Research Interests: STEM programs in workforce diversity.

Assistant Professors

Richard Carrizosa
Contact Information: rdcarrizosa@utep.edu; 915-747-7750
Education: Ph D, New York University

Richard Cazier
Contact Information: racazier@utep.edu; 915-747-7755
Education: MS, Brigham Young University; BS, Brigham Young University; Ph D, University of Iowa

Adam Esplin
Contact Information: aesplin@utep.edu; 915-747-5449
Education: BA, Brigham Young University; MBA, Arizona State University; Ph D, Indiana University

David Folsom
Contact Information: dmfolsom@utep.edu; 915-747-7759
Education: BS, Brigham Young University; MA, Brigham Young University; Ph D, The University of Iowa

Grace Mubako
Contact Information: gnmubako@utep.edu; 915-747-7739
Education: Ph D, Southern Illinois University
Research Interests: Audit judgment and decision making, Management fraud, Internal Auditing, Corporate governance issues.

Rebeca Perez
Contact Information: rperez43@utep.edu; 915-747-6028
Education: Ph D, University of Oregon

Rachel Thompson
Contact Information: rthompson@utep.edu; 915-747-5406
Education: Ph D, University of Minnesota

Clinical Professor

Paulette Rodriguez
Contact Information: pdrodriguez3@utep.edu; 915-229-5841
Education: BBA, New Mexico State University; Masters of Accountancy, New Mexico State University
Research Interests: Cash Budgeting. LEAN Accounting, Rolling Forecasts

Assistant Instructors

Niharika Dayyala
Contact Information: ndayyala@utep.edu; 915-747-5496
Education: BS, Andhra University; MS, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University; Ph D, University of Texas at El Paso
Research Interests: Information technology/information systems (IT/IS) diffusion and co-diffusion, software project management, strategies for successful software development, software sourcing, business value of IT/IS.

Xiang Gao
Contact Information: xgao@miners.utep.edu; 915-747-5192
Education: BA, East China University of Science and Technology; MBA, Idaho State University; MBA, Idaho State University; Ph D, The University of Texas at El Paso

Md Hasan
Contact Information: mmhasan@utep.edu; 915-747-5192
Education: BBA, Jahangirnagar University; MBA, University of Dhaka; MS, The University of Toledo

Visiting Assistant Professor

Marco Fasan
Contact Information: mfasan@utep.edu
Education: Ph D, Luiss Guido Carli