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501 Education Building

Students should consult the Graduate Catalog for information on degrees and programs in Educational Leadership and Foundations.

CHAIR: Dr. Rodolfo Rincones


John Daresh
Contact Information:; 915-747-7592
Education: BA, Loras College; MA, DePaul University; Ph D, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Graduate Work, Applied Linguistics, Universite Laval
Research Interests: Same items listed above

Associate Professors

Eduardo Arellano
Contact Information:; 915-747-7593
Education: BA, University of Texas at El Paso; Master's in Public Administration, University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, New Mexico State University

Penelope Espinoza
Contact Information:; 915-747-8784
Education: BA, Stanford University; MA, University of Michigan; Ph D, University of Michigan
Research Interests: Social Psychology, Higher Education, STEM education

Rodolfo Rincones
Contact Information:; 915-747-7614
Education: BS, Escuela Superior de Agricultura "Hermanos Escobar; MA, New Mexico State University; Ph D, New Mexico State University

Don Schulte
Contact Information:; 915-747-5300
Education: BS, University of Texas at El Paso; Master of Education, University of Texas at El Paso; EDD, University of Texas at El Paso
Research Interests: Attributes of Effective Educators, Finance Policy, Leadership for Social Justice, Use of Technology in Education

Richard Sorenson
Contact Information:; 915-747-5383
Education: BS, Corpus Christi State Univeristy; MS, Corpus Christi University; EDD, Texas A&M University
Research Interests: The Recruitment, Selection, Development, and Retention of Public School Principals.

Assistant Professors

Jesus Cisneros
Contact Information:
Education: BA, New Mexico State University; MS, Texas A&M University; Ph D, Arizona State University

David DeMatthews
Contact Information:; 915-747-7591
Education: BA, Rutgers University; MA, Johns Hopkins University; Ph D, University of Maryland
Research Interests: Dr. DeMatthews has conducted educational research focused on issues related to K-12 school leadership, educational policy, and marginalized student populations in urban and rural school districts. Currently, Dr. DeMatthews is conducting a research project in multiple school districts that examines principal leadership for social justice along the US-Mexico border.

Julia Duncheon
Contact Information:; 915-747-7589
Education: Ph D, University of Southern California
Research Interests: Postsecondary transition, college access and readiness, underserved student populations, urban high schools, early college high schools, educational equity

Angus Mungal
Contact Information:; 915-747-8433
Education: Ph D, New York University; Ph D, New York University
Research Interests: Alternative Teacher Certification, Teacher Preparation, Social Justice, Qualitative Research, Educational Policy, Market Ideology, Institutional Theory, Critical Discourse Analysis, Leadership and Advocacy, Higher Education, Education Administration, Public-Private Partnerships, Educational Partnerships.

Assistant Professor of Practice

Maria Cortez
Contact Information:; 915-747-6276
Education: BBA, The University of Texas at El Paso; Master of Education, The University of Texas at El Paso; EDD, The University of Texas at El Paso
Research Interests: social media in education, technology in education, at-risk students, dropouts, preparing educational leaders, preparing new teachers, preparing mentor teachers, arts in education, portraiture, and service learning