The Post Baccalaureate Undergraduate Pre-Health Professions Certificate is designed so that students who have already graduated can return to The University of Texas at El Paso and take courses required for medical, dental, veterinary, PA, and Pharmacy schools. Students majoring in non-STEM disciplines could also complete the course work required for medical, dental, veterinary, and PA schools while completing their baccalaureate degree. A minimum GPA score of 3.5 is required for acceptance into this certificate program. 

The course requirements for medical, dental, and pharmacy schools are the same (59 semester hours):

BIOL 1305/1107General Biology3
BIOL 1306/1108Organismal Biology3
BIOL 3320Genetics3
BIOL 3314Molecular Cell Biology3
CHEM 1305/1105General Chemistry3
CHEM 1306/1106General Chemistry (C)3
CHEM 2324/2124Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 2325/2125Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 3330Biochem I:Struc & Function3
CHEM 3332Biochem II: Dynam & Bioenerg3
MATH 1508Precalculus (C)5
STAT 1380Descriptive & Inferential Stat3-4
or STAT 2480 Elementary Statistical Methods
PHYS 1403
PHYS 1404
General Physics I (C)
and General Physics II (C)
or PHYS 2420/2421 Introductory Mechanics
RWS 1301
RWS 1302
Rhetoric & Composition I
and Rhetoric & Composition 2

The requirements for Pharmacy also include MICR 2340 General Microbiology and MATH 1411 Calculus I. The requirements do not include CHEM 3330 Biochem I:Struc & Function and CHEM 3332 Biochem II: Dynam & Bioenerg- biochemistry courses. 

The course requirements for veterinary and PA schools vary according to schools. The certificate would be modified for students preparing for these two programs. Students entering the program may have completed part of the requirements; therefore, each student will receive an individually designed pre-med certificate.