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MBA Plus Program

Students with MBA degrees from AASCB accredited institutions may enroll as post-baccalaureate students and complete 12 semester hours in a concentration area. Students will receive MBA Plus certificates upon completion of the concentration area courses with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Students may select one of the following concentration areas:

  • Computer Information Systems
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Healthcare Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing 
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management

Coursework taken toward the completion of an MBA degree cannot be counted toward the MBA Plus Certificate.

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 12

MBA Plus-International Business (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Select twelve hours of the following:12
Financial Accounting
Advanced Acccounting I
Not-for Profit Accounting
Contemporary Accounting Issues
Accounting for Management
Advanced Cost Accounting
Professional Wrtng-Accountants
Taxation-Ptners/Ptnershp/S Cor
Advanced Topics in Federal Tax
Tax Concepts Rsrch & Procedure
Advanced Auditing
Computer Appl-Auditing/Accting
Estate and Gift Taxation
Advanced Corporate Taxation
Fed Income Tax Partner & Corp
Ethics in Accounting
International Accounting
Seminar-Managerial Accounting
Directed Individual Study-Acct
Current Issues in Accounting
Internship in Accounting
Business Law and Ethics
International Business Law
Business Law
The CEO's Perspective
Issues in Financial Markets
Negotiations & Conflict Resoln
Corporate Communications
Issues in Corporate Governance
Project Management
Seminar in Theory of Finance
Sem in Intl Capital Mkts
Seminar in Corp Finance
Seminar in Investments
Strat Busn Comm & Reput Mgmt
Corporate Engagement Project
Spc Top in Int'l Business
MIS Theory and Practice
Strategic Information Systems
Info Resource Policy & Mgmt
Electronic Commerce in Busn.
Systems Analysis and Design
Information Systems Security
Database & Data Management
Data Comm & Computer Networks
Info Systems for Managers
Diffusion & ICT Impact
Dir Individual Study in CIS
Current Issues in CIS
Professional Report in CIS
Microeconomic Theory
Macroeconomic Theory
Business Economics
Applied Mathematical Economics
Managerial Economics
Monetary & Fiscal Pol & Prob
Public Choice
Public Sector Economics
Urban Economics
Economic Impact Modeling
Industrial Organization/Policy
Global Econ Environment-Mgrs
Applied International Economic
Economic Development
Latin American Economics
Country Risk Analysis
Border Economics
Applied Econometrics
Econometric Forecasting
Panel Data & Discrt Chce Modls
Directed Indiv Study-Economics
Special Topics
Professional Report-Economics
Seminar, Microeconomic Theory
Financial Concepts & Analysis
Financial Management
Securities Analysis
Risk Mgmt and Derivative Mkts
Capital Formation-Analysis-Bud
Internat'l Financial Mkts/Inst
International Financial Mgmt
Country Risk Analysis
Financial Modeling
Dir Individual Study-Finance
Current Issues in Finance
Financial Econometrics I
Financial Econometrics II
Intro to Quant Method & Stat
Multiv Method & Linear Regress
Advanced Regression Analysis
Business Time Series Analysis
Applied Internat'l Bus Resrch
Survey Research Methods
Research Philosophy & Design
Structural Equation Modeling
Intnatl Accounting Environment
Internat'l Trade & Bus Policy
Seminar in Int'l Finance
Seminar/Internat'l Marketing
Intrnat'l Prod Op/Supply Chain
Internat'l Global Information
Seminar in Internat'l Mgmt
Accounting Behavioral Research
Sem in Intl Financial Acct
Topics in Int'l Acct Research
Seminar in International Tax
Seminar in Int'l Manag Acct
Seminar in Marketing Theory
Seminar in Theory of Finance
Seminar in Intl Capital Mkts
Seminar in Corp Finance
Seminar in Investments
Theory of Fin: An Int'l Persp
Seminar in Int'l Corp Finance
Seminar in Int'l Investments
Topics in Financial Research
Strategic Information Systems
Diffusion and ICT Impact
Info Systems Outsourcing
Information Systems Security
Financial Econometrics I
International Mgmt & Strategy
International Entrepreneurship
Intl Org Behav & HR Mgmt
Topics in Internatl Business
Financial Econometrics II
Sem in Cross-Cult Mark
International Business Theory
Topics in Int Marketing
Int'l Marketing Strategy
Indep Study: Internat'l Bus
Seminar in Orgztnal Behavior
Seminar in H.R. Mgmt
Int'l Multicult Business Stud
Int'l Op/Supply Chain Mgmt
Dissertation I
Dissertation II
Leading Groups & Teams
Employment Law
Social Issues in Management
Negotiation & Conflict Mgmt
Cross-Cultural Management
Diversity in Organizations
Career Management
Organizational Mgmt Seminar
Corporate Entrepreneurship
Management Strategy and Policy
International Strategic Mgmt
Effective Mgmt of Human Resour
Global Management
Total Quality Management
Dir Individual Study in Mgmt
Current Issues In Management
Marketing Management
New Product Development
Marketing Research
Sales Management
Consumer Behavior
Retailing Management
Services Marketing
Marketing Strategy
International Marketing
Dir Individual Study-Marketing
Current Issues in Marketing
Concepts of Production Mgmt
Inventory and Materials Mgmt
Glbl Oper & Supply Chain Mgmt
Mgmt of Service Operations
Directed Indiv Study in POM
Current Issues in POM
Quantitative Methods-Business
Total Hours12