The College of Science Professional Masters of Science is designed to enhance the marketability of STEM students who do not go on to doctoral programs by matching graduate hours in a specific discipline in science with graduate hours in a complementary discipline.

  • The professional masters includes two parts:  Part one includes 18 graduate hours in one of the following disciplines within the College of Science (either in standalone courses or a graduate certificate):
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
  • Part Two includes 15 hours in either the same discipline (de facto MA) or in a graduate certificate in another field.
  • The eighteen graduate hours in one discipline will be chosen from a set of approved courses listed by the department of the discipline.
  • Departments offering the discipline in Part One set the criteria for admittance to the program.
  • For Part Two, any approved 15-hour graduate certificates.
  • Students would be advised to complete stated prerequisites of graduate certificate programs while an undergraduate student.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the program requires admission to the graduate school. Prerequisites to admission include the criteria required by the department of the discipline in Part One above.

Degree Requirements

This certificate program requires completion of 18 graduate hours in one discipline offered in the College of Science and 15 graduate hours in a graduate certificate in any field.The Professional Masters of Science is administered through the Office of the Dean of Science.