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Degree Plan

Program Director

Ming-Ying Leung 


Required Credits: 31

MS in Computational Science (All courses require a grade of C or better)
Required Courses:
CPS 5310Mathematical & Comp. Modeling3
CPS 5401Introduction to Comp Science4
CPS 5320Advanced Scientific Computing3
MATH 5329Numerical Analysis3
Prescribed Electives:
Select two courses from Prescribed Electives6
Thesis/Non-Thesis Option:
Select one of the options6-9
Select one course from Prescribed Electives or Free Electives3
Total Hours28-31

Thesis Option

CPS 5396Graduate Interdisciplinary Res3
CPS 5398Graduate Thesis3
CPS 5399Graduate Thesis3
Total Hours9

Non-Thesis Option

CPS 5330Prof Skills in Science & Tech3
Select three additional courses from the list of Prescribed or Free electives3
Total Hours6

Prescribed Electives

BINF 5351Intro. Bioinformatics I3
BINF 5352Intro. Bioinformatics II3
CE 5307Finite Element Method (3-0)3
CS 5334Parallel & Concurrent Program3
CS 5350Advanced Algorithms3
EE 5371Digital Signal Processing3
EE 5372Image Processing3
GEOP 5336Digital Image Processing3
GEOP 5352Geophysical Inverse Theory3
MATH 5330Comp Methods of Linear Algebra3
MATH 5343Numer Solution Part Diff Equat3
MATH 5345Numerical Optimization3
MATH 5385Statistics in Research3
MATH 5392Statistical Computing3
MECH 5302Solid Mechanics I3
MECH 5312Solid Mechanics II3
PHYS 5325Mathematical Physics3

Free Electives

BINF 5341Anal./Model of Bio Structures3
BINF 5354Post-Genomic Analysis3
BIOL 5316Biosystematics3
BIOL 5328Biostatistics3
CS 5317Human-Computer Interaction3
CS 5340Advanced Operating Systems3
CS 5351Interval Computations3
CS 5353Topics/Emerg.Comput Paradigms3
CS 5354Topics/Intelligent Computing3
CS 5382Model-Based Software Devlpmnt3
CS 5383Topics in Software Assurance3
EE 5301Computational Methods for EE3
EE 5370Operating Systems3
EE 5376Computer Architecture I3
EE 5377Computer Architecture II3
EE 5379Network Protocols3
GEOL 5375Quantit Techniq Geological Sci3
GEOP 5353Reflection Seismic Data Proces3
GEOP 5460Geop App-Digital Signal Proces4
MATH 5310Elemnts of Applied Functl Anal3
MATH 5311Applied Mathematics3
MATH 5314Partial Differential Equations3
MATH 5315Finite Element Methods I3
MATH 5335Techniques in Optimization3
MATH 5346Interior-Point Methods for Lin3
MATH 5388Multivariate Data Analysis3
MATH 5391Time Series Analysis3
MATH 6311Topics in Applied Mathematics3
MATH 6345Topics in Optimization3
MECH 5390Special Topics Mechanical Engr3
PHYS 5365Advanced Statistical Mechanics3
PHYS 5371Solid State Physics3