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Minor in Electrical Engineering

The program consists of 15 credit hours in EE courses, with at least 6 credits in the Upper Division, representing fundamental areas of knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering.  Undergraduate students from other major fields must select the coursework mostly from the Required Courses List below in order to receive a minor in EE.  The main objective of the program is to offer interested students with GPAs of 3.00 or above in any field of study other than Electrical Engineering, the opportunity to enhance their capabilities in their own profession by developing competency in a high technology field, while simultaneously adding a minor to their academic achievements.  These courses generally have prerequisites, and their enrollment will need approval by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.

Required Courses

Must select five from the list with at least 6 credit hours from EE 3XXX or EE 4XXX
EE 2350Electric Circuits I3
EE 2351Electric Circuits II3
EE 2353Cont. Time Signals & Systems3
EE 2369
EE 2169
Digital Systems Design I
and Laboratory for EE 2369
EE 2372Software Design I3
EE 3321Electromagnetic Field Theory3
EE 3329Fund. of Semiconductor Dev3
EE 3338
EE 3138
Electronics I
and Lab for Electrical Engr 3338
EE 3340Electronics II3
EE 3353Discrete Time Signals & System3
EE 3376
EE 3176
Microprocessor Systems I
and Laboratory For EE 3376
EE 3384Intro to Prob. w/ App. in ECE3
EE 33XX/EE 43XX Optional by Department Approval