BS in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering

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The Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering curriculum is designed for students who desire to enter the aerospace or related industry or to pursue advanced studies in these areas. The curriculum provides a broad range of courses in the areas of aerodynamics, aerospace structures and aerospace and aeronautic vehicle design.


The Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Program strives to graduate aerospace engineers of the highest quality and to conduct state-of-the-art research.


The Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering program at The University of Texas at El Paso seeks to prepare students for careers in aerospace engineering and related disciplines. Successful achievement of this objective will be met if:

  • The majority of our graduates obtain meaningful employment in the aerospace or related industry after graduation
  • After five years most graduates are working in engineering
  • After five years most graduates have achieved their initial career goals and advanced their careers, i.e. promotion, pursuit of advanced degree, etc.
  • All graduates feel well served by the education they received at UTEP.

The program will consist of a largely common initial two years with the current B.S. in Mechanical Engineering degree program at UTEP but have course, laboratory and project experiences in the last two years of the curriculum that prepare students in: 

  • Aerodynamics,
  • Propulsion,
  • Aerostructures,
  • Aerospace dynamics and controls, and
  • Aerospace systems engineering

Admission Requirements

There are no additional admission requirements to the program above those of admission to the University of Texas at El Paso and to eligible to take MATH 1411 Calculus I or equivalent.

Degree Requirements

The degree requires 128 SCH which includes:

  1. completion of the university core curriculum (42 SCH)
  2. 56 SCH of prescribed courses,
  3. 30 SCH of engineering electives

Degree Plan

University Core Curriculum(All courses require a grade of C or better.)
Complete the University Core Curriculum requirements.42
Aerospace Engineering (Other Requirements) (All courses require a grade of C or better.)
Required Courses: Some of these are included in the core.
MATH 1411Calculus I4
MATH 1312Calculus II3
MATH 2313Calculus III3
MATH 2326Differential Equations3
CHEM 1105Laboratory for CHEM 13051
CHEM 1305General Chemistry3
PHYS 2420Introductory Mechanics4
Select one of the following:3
Matrix Algebra
Applied Analysis I
Linear Algebra
Numerical Analysis
Applied Analysis II
Probability and Statistics
Select one of the following:4
General Chemistry
and Laboratory for CHEM 1306
Introductory Electromagnetism
Select one of the following:3
Survey of Modern Physics
Analytical Mechanics I
PHYS 4348
Aerospace Engineering Major
Required Courses:
MECH 1305Graphic & Design Fundamentals c3
MECH 1321Mechanics I-Statics c3
MECH 2103Engineering Computations c1
MECH 2311Intro to Thermal-fluid Sci c3
MECH 2322Mechanics of Materials c3
MECH 2340Mechanics II -Dynamics c3
MECH 2342Electro Mechanical Systems c3
MECH 3352Engineering Analysis II3
AERO 2131Aerospace Materials Lab1
AERO 2331Aerospace Materials3
AERO 3312Aerodynamics 13
AERO 3323Aerospace Structures I3
AERO 3343Systems Modelling and Control3
AERO 43223
AERO 43643
AERO 43653
AERO 43663
Select two of the following: Laboratory Experience2
Mechatronics Lab
Thermo-fluid Lab
Solid Mechanics Lab
Concentration Electives: Must take 3 from one Concentration 19
Aircraft Concentration:
AERO 4311
AERO 4312
AERO 4313
AERO 4319
Launch Vehicles and Missiles Concentration
AERO 4331
AERO 4332
AERO 4335
AERO 4339
Satellite Concentration
AERO 4351
AERO 4353
AERO 4355
AERO 4359
Technical Electives 26
Total Hours128

C Course requires a grade of C or better
1 Must declare a concentration and take three classes from the declared concentration area
2 Must be an aerospace class from outside your declared aerospace concentration area or from any MECH 4XXX course.
3 Must be in the last full semester and have a 2.0 GPA or better in major.

4-Year Sample Degree Plan

BS Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering(Starting with Calculus)

MECH 1305Graphic & Design Fundamentals +3
RWS 1301Rhetoric & Composition I +3
MATH 1411Calculus I +4
PHYS 2420Introductory Mechanics4
UNIV 1301Seminar/Critical Inquiry +3
MECH 1321Mechanics I-Statics +3
HIST 1301History of U.S. to 1865 +3
RWS 1302Rhetoric & Composition 2 +3
MATH 1312Calculus II +3
CHEM 1305
CHEM 1105
General Chemistry
and Laboratory for CHEM 1305 +
MECH 2322Mechanics of Materials +3
MATH 2313Calculus III +3
AERO 2331Aerospace Materials +3
AERO 2131Aerospace Materials Lab +1
HIST 1302History of U.S. Since 1865 +3
Science Elective +, 14
MECH 2340Mechanics II -Dynamics +3
MECH 2311Intro to Thermal-fluid Sci +3
MECH 2103Engineering Computations +1
MECH 2342Electro Mechanical Systems +3
CE 2326Econ for Engrs & Scientists +3
MATH 2326Differential Equations +3
Laboratory Experience 21
MECH 3352Engineering Analysis II3
AERO 3312Aerodynamics 13
Concentration Course I 53
POLS 2310Introduction to Politics +3
Math Elective +,33
Laboratory Experience 21
COMM 1302Business/Profession Comm +3
AERO 3343Systems Modelling and Control3
AERO 3323Aerospace Structures I 53
Concentration Course II 53
Science/Math Elective +,43
Aero concentration III 53
AERO 43223
Technical Elective 63
AERO 43653
Humanities Electives +3
AERO 43663
AERO 43643
Technical Elective 63
POLS 2311American Gover & Politics3
Visual and Performing Art Elective3
+Grade of C or better required
1. Must be either CHEM 1306 with CHEM 1106, PHYS 2421 or by permission of advisor.
2. From the department approved list of Laboratory Experience courses.
3. Selected from MATH 3323, 3335, 4326, 4329, 4336, STAT 3320. By completing 3 of these electives you may be eligible for a Mathematics minor, interested students· should consult the Department of Mathematics.
4. Approved courses are: PHYS 2325, PHYS 3351, PHYS 4348 or any course listed in NOTE 3 (not already taken). Also, as per the UTEP core curriculum requirements two of your science classes must be in the same area (either PHYS, OR CHEM).
5. Must take at least three classes from one aerospace concentration area.
6. Two technical electives selected from any MECH or AERO 3XXX or 4XXX courses. At least one elective must be at the 4XXX level.
Total Hours128