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MA, MAT, and PhD Degrees

The English Department offers a Master of Arts (MA) in English degree with two concentrations available:

  1. English and American Literature, 
  2. Rhetoric and Writing Studies; and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in English.

The department also offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Rhetoric and Composition.


Dr. Maggy Smith


Meredith Abarca
Contact Information: mabarca@utep.edu; 915-747-6249
Education: Ph D, The University of California, Davis

Beth Brunk-Chavez
Contact Information: blbrunk@utep.edu; 915-747-5797
Education: BA, New Mexico State University; MA, University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, University of Texas at Arlington

Mimi Gladstein
Contact Information: mgladstein@utep.edu; 915-747-6259
Education: BA, Texas Western College; MA, Texas Western College; Ph D, University of New Mexico

Maryse Jayasuriya
Contact Information: mjayasuriya@utep.edu; 915-747-6252
Education: Ph D, Purdue University

Katherine Mangelsdorf
Contact Information: kmangels@utep.edu; 915-747-5543
Education: Ph D, University of Arizona

Keith Polette
Contact Information: kpolette@utep.edu; 915-747-5123
Education: BA, Central Methodist College; MA, Idaho State University; MA, Idaho State University; Ph D, Saint Louis University

Maggy Smith
Contact Information: msmith@utep.edu; 915-747-6642
Education: Ph D, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Tony Stafford
Contact Information: tstaffor@utep.edu; 915-747-6266
Education: Ph D, Louisiana State University

Brian Yothers
Contact Information: byothers@utep.edu; 915-747-5886
Education: BA, Grace College; MA, Purdue University; Ph D, Purdue University

Associate Professor

Isabel Baca
Contact Information: ibaca@utep.edu; 915-747-6245
Education: Summer Credit, University of Warwick; BA, The University of Texas at El Paso; MA, The University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, New Mexico State University
Research Interests: Service-learning and community engagement in writing studies; bilingual workplace communication; community-based writing and learning

Lucia Dura
Contact Information: ldura@utep.edu; 915-747-5199
Education: MA, The University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, The University of Texas at El Paso

Ruben Espinosa
Contact Information: respinosa2@utep.edu; 915-747-5325
Education: Ph D, University of Colorado at Boulder

Andrew Fleck
Contact Information: ajfleck@utep.edu; 915-747-0246
Education: Ph D, Claremont Graduate University
Research Interests: British literature, British culture, early modern Low Countries, identity, science, religious controversy, book history, digital humanities

Robert Gunn
Contact Information: rlgunn@utep.edu; 915-747-6265
Education: BA, Oberlin College; MA, New York University; Ph D, New York University

Joseph Ortiz
Contact Information: jmortiz7@utep.edu;
Education: BA, Yale University; Ph D, Princeton University

Jonna Perrillo
Contact Information: jperrillo@utep.edu; 915-747-6059
Education: BA, University of Michigan; MA, University of Maryland; Ph D, New York University

Marion Rohrleitner
Contact Information: mcrohrleitner@utep.edu; 915-747-5647
Education: M. Phil., Leopold-Franzens-Universitaet Innsbruck; Ph D, University of Notre Dame

Lauren Rosenberg
Contact Information: lmrosenberg@utep.edu;
Education: Ph D, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Barbara Zimbalist
Contact Information: bezimbalist@utep.edu;
Education: Ph D, University of California

Assistant Professor

DeLisa Hawkes
Contact Information: ddhawkes@utep.edu;
Education: Ph D, University of Maryland, College Park
Research Interests: Nineteenth to twenty-first-century African American and Native American literature, critical race studies, genealogy, US slavery, historical and speculative fiction, racial passing, and visual culture

Brad Jacobson
Contact Information: bjacobson@utep.edu; 915-747-6623
Education: MA, University of Arizona; Ph D, University of Arizona

Assistant Professor of Practice

Anjanette Darrington
Contact Information: adarrington@utep.edu;
Education: Ph D, Arizona State University

Teresa Quezada
Contact Information: tquezada2@utep.edu; 915-747-5222
Education: MBA, UTEP; Ph D, University of Texas at El Paso


Hudspeth Hall, Room 113 
Phone: 915.747.5731
Email: english@utep.edu