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The Department of English is a large and diverse department, featuring undergraduate and graduate programs in English and American Literature, English Education, and Rhetoric and Writing Studies, including a Ph.D. program in Rhetoric and Composition, M.A. degrees in English and American Literature and Rhetoric and Writing Studies, an M.A.T. degree in English Education, and B.A. degrees in English and American Literature (ENAL) and English Education (ENGL). The First Year Composition sequence is housed in our department, which means that virtually every undergraduate student at UTEP comes into contact with us at one time or another. Our faculty have published widely across the fields represented in our department, and many of them have won awards for teaching and student support, as well as being recognized for their scholarship. We are committed to achieving the highest quality of scholarship and teaching, and we pride ourselves on welcoming and supporting our students at all levels, from their first semester in the university to the completion of their highest degree. 

MA, MAT, and PhD Degrees

The English Department offers a Master of Arts (MA) in English degree with two concentrations available:

  1. English and American Literature, 
  2. Rhetoric and Writing Studies; and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in English.

The department also offers a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Rhetoric and Composition.