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The department offers two graduate degrees:

  1. Master of Arts (MA) in Linguistics with available additional concentrations in Applied Linguistics and in Hispanic Linguistics
  2. Master of Arts (MA) in Spanish.


Master of Arts


CHAIR: Dr. Maria-Socorro Tabuenca


Jon Amastae
Contact Information:; 915-747-6803
Education: Ph D, University of Oregon at Eugene

Kirsten Nigro
Contact Information:; 915-747-7044
Education: BA, University of Delaware; MA, Middlebury College; Ph D, University of Illinois
Research Interests: Latin American literature and culture, women's theatre, the representation of violence, visual representation, performance and photography,translation, Mexican and Argentine theatre

Nicholas Sobin
Contact Information:; 915-747-7023
Education: Ph D, The University of Texas at Austin

Maria-Socorro Tabuenca
Contact Information:; 915-747-7026
Education: BA, The University of Texas at El Paso; MA, The University of Texas at El Paso; Certificate at Master´s Level, Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana; Ph D, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Research Interests: Women's representations in media iand Literature; femicide; borders literatures

Associate Professors

Matthew Desing
Contact Information:; 915-747-7028
Education: Ph D

Jane Evans
Contact Information:; 915-747-7029
Education: Ph D, University of New Mexico

Lowry Martin
Contact Information:; 915-747-7045
Education: BA, Texas Tech University; JD, Texas Tech University; MA, University of California-Berkeley; Ph D, University of California--Berkeley

Natalia Mazzaro
Contact Information:; 915-747-7040
Education: BA, Universidad Nacional de Litoral; MA, York University; Ph D, University of Toronto
Research Interests: I am interested in studying the acoustic motivations of sound variation and change in Romance. I am also concerned with phonetic variation and phonological categorization

Alfredo Urzua Beltran
Contact Information:; 915-747-7038
Education: MA, University of California, Los Angeles; Ph D, Northern Arizona University
Research Interests: Second language teacher education, discourse analysis, academic language use, bilingual proficiency, teacher identity construction, reflective teaching and learning, corpus linguistics.

Assistant Professors

Carla Contemori
Contact Information:
Education: MA, University of Siena; BA, University of Siena; Ph D, University of Siena

Aileen El-Kadi
Contact Information:; 915-747-8054
Education: Ph D, University of Colorado
Research Interests: Contemporary Brazilian, Colombian, Argentine, and Mexican literature and film. Representations of urban violence. Mass-media. The construction of marginality and otherness. Drug-trafficking related topics.

Sara Potter
Contact Information:; 915-747-7039
Education: BA, Central Michigan University; MA, Middlebury College; Ph D, Washington University in Saint Louis
Research Interests: Contemporary Mexican literature, avant-garde movements in Latin America, contemporary Latin American narrative, essay, and poetry, gender studies, technology, theories of urban space, theories of the body, popular culture, countercultural movements, media studies, and science fiction.

Clinical Associate Professor

Daniel Centeno
Contact Information:; 915-747-7043
Education: Ph D, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Assistant Professor of Practice

Debora Zamorano
Contact Information:; 915-747-6360
Education: BA, Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo; EDD, The University of Texas at El Paso
Research Interests: Learning anxiety and self-esteem in second language learners; objectives and expectations from Portugese Students at the University of Texas at el Paso

Associate Professor Emerituss

Sandra Beyer
Contact Information:; 915-747-7025

Ellen Courtney
Contact Information:; 915-747-5934
Education: Ph D, University of Arizona in Tucson Arizona

Frederick Kluck
Contact Information:; 915-747-7031

Visiting Assistant Professor

Adam Demaray
Contact Information:; 915-747-7025
Education: BA, Pomona College; MA, Tulane University; Ph D, Tulane University
Research Interests: Brazil, 20th and 21st century, anonymity, identity, media, urban space, Southern Cone