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The University of Texas at El Paso’s location on the U.S.-Mexico border provides a unique opportunity to investigate how an intersection of nationalities, cultures, and languages affects cognitive processes and behaviors. These issues permeate nearly all of our academic and scholarly activities, including classroom instruction, research, and community placements.

The Psychology Department offers a variety of graduate programs and concentrations so students can tailor their graduate studies in preparation for their future career goals. We offer a PhD in General Psychology and provide three areas of concentration for students: Health; Legal; and Social, Cognitive, and Neurosciences. The objective of the PhD program is to prepare students for research careers in either academic or applied settings.

We also offer two MA programs: one in Clinical Psychology that prepares students to either work in applied settings as a psychological associate or to continue on to a Clinical PhD program; and one in General Experimental Psychology that prepares students to continue on to a PhD program.