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Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Requirements for all undergraduate degrees from The University of Texas at El Paso include successful completion of RWS 1302 or ENGL 1313 (or ESOL 1312). Course work toward this goal consists of a three-step program to develop college-level competence in composition, rhetoric, and research procedures. This program is designed to provide students the skills in language and communication which they will need for the remainder of their undergraduate careers and for professional achievement in their selected fields following graduation.

Students place into a first-year composition course by virtue of their placement test scores. Students should be enrolled in a composition course every semester until they complete the first-year composition sequence. All students must present test scores for placement into the first-year composition program. For information in this catalog concerning placement into the proper freshman composition courses, students should refer to the University College section, under Student Assessment and Testing,

Developmental English Program

The Developmental English Program prepares students for the first-year composition sequence. The program consists of ENGL 0111, ENGL 0310, and ENGL 0311. The program is located in the Education Building Room 205; the phone number is 915.747.5693.

English Degree Concentrations

Students are expected to consult with the Director of Literature, the Director of English Education, or the Director of Rhetoric and Writing Studies concerning the selection of concentrations and courses.

Bilingual Professional Writing Certificate

Students in any major who have some fluency in both English and Spanish are eligible to pursue certification. They are required to pass, with a B or better, a combination of two English classes and two Translation classes in the Department of Languages and Linguistics. They then pass an exit exam to receive the certificate. For further information, consult either the Department of English or the Department of Languages and Linguistics.


Dr. Brian Yothers


Meredith Abarca
Contact Information: mabarca@utep.edu; 915-747-6249
Education: Ph D, The University of California, Davis

Beth Brunk-Chavez
Contact Information: blbrunk@utep.edu; 915-747-5797
Education: BA, New Mexico State University; MA, University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, University of Texas at Arlington

Mimi Gladstein
Contact Information: mgladstein@utep.edu; 915-747-6259
Education: BA, Texas Western College; MA, Texas Western College; Ph D, University of New Mexico

Maryse Jayasuriya
Contact Information: mjayasuriya@utep.edu; 915-747-6252
Education: Ph D, Purdue University

Katherine Mangelsdorf
Contact Information: kmangels@utep.edu; 915-747-5543
Education: Ph D, University of Arizona

Keith Polette
Contact Information: kpolette@utep.edu; 915-747-5123
Education: BA, Central Methodist College; MA, Idaho State University; MA, Idaho State University; Ph D, Saint Louis University

Maggy Smith
Contact Information: msmith@utep.edu; 915-747-6642
Education: Ph D, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Tony Stafford
Contact Information: tstaffor@utep.edu; 915-747-6266
Education: Ph D, Louisiana State University

Brian Yothers
Contact Information: byothers@utep.edu; 915-747-5886
Education: BA, Grace College; MA, Purdue University; Ph D, Purdue University

Associate Professor

Isabel Baca
Contact Information: ibaca@utep.edu; 915-747-6245
Education: Summer Credit, University of Warwick; BA, The University of Texas at El Paso; MA, The University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, New Mexico State University
Research Interests: Service-learning and community engagement in writing studies; bilingual workplace communication; community-based writing and learning

Lucia Dura
Contact Information: ldura@utep.edu; 915-747-5199
Education: MA, The University of Texas at El Paso; Ph D, The University of Texas at El Paso

Ruben Espinosa
Contact Information: respinosa2@utep.edu; 915-747-5325
Education: Ph D, University of Colorado at Boulder

Andrew Fleck
Contact Information: ajfleck@utep.edu; 915-747-0246
Education: Ph D, Claremont Graduate University
Research Interests: British literature, British culture, early modern Low Countries, identity, science, religious controversy, book history, digital humanities

Robert Gunn
Contact Information: rlgunn@utep.edu; 915-747-6265
Education: BA, Oberlin College; MA, New York University; Ph D, New York University

Joseph Ortiz
Contact Information: jmortiz7@utep.edu;
Education: BA, Yale University; Ph D, Princeton University

Jonna Perrillo
Contact Information: jperrillo@utep.edu; 915-747-6059
Education: BA, University of Michigan; MA, University of Maryland; Ph D, New York University

Marion Rohrleitner
Contact Information: mcrohrleitner@utep.edu; 915-747-5647
Education: M. Phil., Leopold-Franzens-Universitaet Innsbruck; Ph D, University of Notre Dame

Lauren Rosenberg
Contact Information: lmrosenberg@utep.edu;
Education: Ph D, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Barbara Zimbalist
Contact Information: bezimbalist@utep.edu;
Education: Ph D, University of California

Assistant Professor

DeLisa Hawkes
Contact Information: ddhawkes@utep.edu;
Education: Ph D, University of Maryland, College Park
Research Interests: Nineteenth to twenty-first-century African American and Native American literature, critical race studies, genealogy, US slavery, historical and speculative fiction, racial passing, and visual culture

Brad Jacobson
Contact Information: bjacobson@utep.edu; 915-747-6623
Education: MA, University of Arizona; Ph D, University of Arizona

Assistant Professor of Practice

Anjanette Darrington
Contact Information: adarrington@utep.edu;
Education: Ph D, Arizona State University

Teresa Quezada
Contact Information: tquezada2@utep.edu; 915-747-5222
Education: MBA, UTEP; Ph D, University of Texas at El Paso

Department of English

Hudspeth Hall, Room 113
500 W University
El Paso, Texas 79902

Phone: 915.747.5731
Fax: 915.747.6214

Email: english@utep.edu