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The Psychology Department offers two programs leading to a bachelor's degree.

Departmental Honors in Psychology

A candidate for departmental honors in Psychology will have demonstrated ability in Psychology, will have maintained a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 overall and in Psychology by the end of the junior year, and will maintain these averages until graduation. The candidate can be enrolled in either the BS or BA degree plan in Psychology. The main requirement for Departmental Honors is the satisfactory completion of the Honors Thesis that will be judged by the thesis-research director in conjunction with the Honors Committee.

The candidate for departmental honors should request approval of candidacy during the second semester of the junior year. The Department of Psychology reserves the right to accept or not accept a qualified student, taking into consideration the number of applications, the number of available faculty, and the competence of an individual student. The accepted honors candidate will enroll in PSYC 4353 during at least one semester of the senior year and will have accumulated a total of six (6) hours of PSYC 4352/PSYC 4353 credit upon completion of the honors program. Other regulations, procedures, and important dates for honors candidates are available from the Chairperson, Department of Psychology.