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Each of the classes in the Humanities Program (HUMN 3301HUMN 3302, and HUMN 3303, and HUMN 4390) fulfills the upper division Humanities electives for all students and the upper division Humanities block for all students in the College of Liberal Arts. Courses in the Humanities Program are an exciting and challenging way to satisfy all upper division humanities requirements. Whatever one’s major, as one approaches the end of the college career these dynamic courses are the ideal way to bring meaning and structure to all of the diverse subjects and experiences that make up a college career. Humanities students question the world. Through shared inquiry of history’s great ideas and creations students evaluate our cultural and intellectual heritage, exploring such basic human questions as how we learn; the nature of the state; the rights and responsibilities of individuals in the community; concepts of human nature; the human species as victim, antagonist, or part of nature; the supernatural; esthetics; and technology. HUMN 3301HUMN 3302, and HUMN 3303 are also offered in a totally online format.