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The Department of History includes nationally and internationally recognized faculty who offer courses in a range of geographic and thematic areas. Our courses develop students’ intellectual, creative and civic capacities through the study of the past, and fall into one of three categories: broad surveys, more specialized upper-division courses, and the junior-senior seminar (a capstone research and writing course open only to history majors). Undergraduate students will also find public history and study abroad opportunities in our department.

Our undergraduate program offers history majors the opportunity both to explore a range of historical fields and to develop expertise in a particular area of study. In addition to developing essential critical skills such as research, writing, and analysis, the BA in History trains students to contextualize knowledge, to gather, evaluate, and synthesize evidence, and to appreciate different perspectives. A degree in History is therefore excellent preparation for careers in a wide variety of fields such as law, journalism, public service, international work, and business. A degree in History can also lead to a career in museums, national parks, archives and libraries, and as a middle or high school teacher. Finally, a degree in History is good preparation for admission to graduate and professional school.

Specific course requirements for the BA degree in History are HIST 2301 and 2302, HIST 4325, and 21 advanced (3300-4300 level) hours of history courses, which must include courses from at least three of four geographic fields; no more than 12 hours may be taken in any one field of history.