Minor in Asian Studies

Students must take nine (9) hours of courses from the following list that constitutes the minor’s core. At least three (3) disciplines must be represented by the core courses. The remaining nine hours can be taken from the core courses not taken to satisfy the core requirement or from the list of optional courses. No more than nine (9) hours (total of core and optional) can be taken from any one discipline. No more than six (6) hours can be taken from a student's major area.

Degree Plan

Core Courses
Select three courses of the following:9
Intro to Asian Studies
Comparative Political Systems
Major World Religions
Optional Courses
Select three courses of the following: 19
Cultural Diversity
Intro to Asian Studies
Special Topics-Asian Studies
International Economics
Postcolonial Literature
World Literature
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500
History of Modern China
Pyramids & Prophets
History, Special Topics
International Management
Political Geography
Politics in World Regions
Comparative Political Systems
International Relations
Women, Power and Politics
Politics/Developing Countries
Internat'l Political Economy
International Organizations
Major World Religions
Spec Topics-Religious Studies
Total Hours18