Undergraduate Certificate in Brazilian Studies

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Students must have completed Portuguese 1402, 2401 and 2402 (or equivalent) with a grade of C or better to begin the certificate in Brazilian Studies.  To complete this interdisciplinary certificate students must have completed 15 credits in courses approved for the certificate, with a grade of B or better.  PORT 3340 Cultures of Brazil is required.  The other four courses should be taken in at least three of the participating departments.  Students should consult with the Director of Brazilian Studies to determine a course of study suitable to their interests and before enrolling in courses that do not deal specifically with Brazil but that do contain a Brazilian component.  These courses are designated with an *. 

Degree Plan

Required Credits: 15

Required Courses:
PORT 3340Cultures of Brazil3
Prescribed Subjects:
Select three courses from different subjects of the following:9
Topics in African/Amer Studies
Cultural Diversity
Indig Cultures of Latin Amer
Communication Theory/Analysis
Selected Topics
South America Since 1810
History of Women
The Americas
Topics Lat Amer/Border Stud
Politics in World Regions
Politics/Developing Countries
Conversational Portuguese
Cultural Diversity
Indig Cultures of Latin Amer
Spanish/Latin American Film
Popular Cult in Latin Am/Spain
Ed & Comm Applied Critical/Ped
Additional Elective:
Select one additional course from the above courses3
Total Hours15